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Equus Fabrics offers beautiful home decorating, drapery and upholstery fabric trims that will stimulate your creativity and help you to create a stunning home. Whether you’re looking for beaded fringe to add an elegant touch to a room or a crystal tieback to finish a specific project, Equus will have what you are looking for.  See below for more details.

Equus carries a complete line of trim as add-ons for our current line of fabrics.

Different trims include:

  • Ball or Pompom Fringes
  • Beaded Fringes
  • Tassel Fringes
  • Lip Cords
  • Bullion Fringes
  • Flange Cords

Also available are Crystal Tie Backs, Regular Tie Backs, Buttons and Key Tassels. Check out some of the variety of colours and styles that we have available in our trim gallery.