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What Is Can/ULC Fabrics?

In Canada, CAN/ULC represents the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC).

ULC Standards actively develops and publishes standards for various products, covering areas such as fire safety, security, energy efficiency, environmental protection, asset security, workplace safety, and more.

CAN/ULC-S109 vs NFPA 701?

Until recently, Canada was using the American NFPA 701 standards, however Canadian standards are testing a broader range of flame-resistant fabrics and films, not limited to window treatments.

While most NFPA 701 is as effective when it comes to fire protection, CAN/ULC compliance is assessed according to Canadian regulations and standards.

Equus Fabrics Fire Treated Fabrics List

  • Polyester
  • Cotton
  • Polyester and cotton blend
  • Velvet
  • Linen
  • Silk

The Importance Of Can/ULC Fabrics In Canada

Fire-treated fabrics serve the primary purpose of resisting ignition and impeding the rapid, destructive spread of fire.

It is imperative that schools, hospitals, hotels, and public buildings adhere to the Can/ULC code and possess certification from the manufacturer.

While it is typical for most Canadian businesses to require inherently fire-treated fabrics, this trend has now extended to many households across Canada. However, the American version NFPA is only acceptable if it meets the necessary requirements.

Consumers should find assurance in knowing that the fire-treated fabrics in their homes offer peace of mind and confidence in the safety of their surroundings.

What Happens During This Test?

CAN/ULC-S109 is the designation for testing flame-resistant fabrics, upholstery, and films.

The testing equipment utilized for the CAN/ULC-S109 assessment is specifically crafted to evaluate the fire-resistant properties of these materials.

A standardized flame source is employed to ignite the sample of fabric or film. The intensity and duration of the flame exposure are meticulously regulated to replicate real-world fire conditions.

To successfully pass the test, the fabric undergoes examination within a highly intense fire chamber.

Within this chamber, the fabric sample holder is securely positioned and subjected to the flame in a consistent and repeatable manner.

Where To Find CAN/ULC S109 Fabrics In Canada?

Equus Fabrics is the leading supplier of Can/ULC-S109 across Canada that includes hotels, restaurants, home and building contracts.

All of our fabrics comes with a fire rating certificate that gives you an added benefit that you and your customers will have a peaceful sleep.

Our CAN/ULC-S109- drapery compliant curtains are available in various styles, colors, and designs, allowing for aesthetic customization while maintaining fire safety.

All of our fire treated fabrics have been hand selected by our designers to serve all the needs of our customers.

Safety should be your concern

Whenever it comes to protecting your home or family it is always advised to treat your fabrics. Though, the average consumer might feel they are limited with their Flame Retardant selection or expense.

Nowadays prices for Flame proof fabrics are not as expensive as they used to be and some fabrics are inherited already giving off its soft texture.

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