Custom Print Fabric Canada

Custom Print Fabric in Canada

At Equus Fabrics, we excel in providing unique custom print fabric solutions not just across Canada, but specifically tailored for individual needs.

Whether it’s for upholstery, vinyl, linens, polyester, sheers, or velvet we got you covered.

Revitalize your space with our custom curtains, pillows, or upholstery services, each designed to cater to your personal design aspirations.

The Art of Customization at Equus Fabrics

Customizing your home decor should be a personal journey. At Equus Fabrics, we provide extensive customization options to perfectly align with your specific requirements.

Our facility isn’t just a standard drapery shop; we boast advanced machinery capable of printing any design you envision.

From creating a unique print for a pillow to choosing a custom color for your drapes, we’re here to help you achieve the ideal ambiance for your living space.


Custom Print House Pillow Wholesale

Curious about how high-end designers achieve those abstract colors and shapes for throw pillows? At Equus Fabrics, you have the power to customize your pillows with any design you imagine.

Our services range from small throw pillows to large floor cushions, enabling you to select dimensions that best fit your space.

Take advantage of our wholesale options to bring your vision to life, whether it’s a specific graphic, a family crest, or a simple geometric pattern.


By custom printing your house pillows at a wholesale level while having the option to use our workroom.

Equus Fabrics is not just a Canadian fabric wholesaler, but a digital print fabric company that prides itself with our quality and price.

Our Dedicated Workroom: Bringing Ideas to Life

Our state-of-the-art workroom is where creativity becomes reality.

Equipped with advanced tools and staffed by experienced craftsmen, our workroom can handle all aspects of fabric manipulation and creation. Here’s what we offer:

  • Project Consultation: Work directly with our team to discuss your needs, from single-room projects to full-scale renovations.
  • Fabric Cutting and Sewing: Precision cutting and expert sewing ensure your fabric pieces are perfect in fit and finish.
  • Custom Upholstery Services: Reimagine your furniture with new upholstery, tailor-made to fit your style.

3. Small batch fabric printing Canada

Flexibility is crucial when purchasing fabric. At Equus Fabrics, you can order exactly what you need, whether by the yard for smaller projects or by the bolt for larger needs and commercial applications.

This flexibility helps you manage costs effectively while minimizing waste, ensuring you receive the best value.

4. Drapery Customization: Color Your World

Drapery sets the mood of a room, and custom colors elevate this effect. At Equus Fabrics, we can dye fabrics to any color that fits your decor scheme.

Our color-matching experts ensure that the shade you choose is the shade you get, with vibrant, long-lasting results. Here’s how we help:

  • Color Consultation: Our experts help you select the perfect shade or if you want to give us your file we can upload it.
  • Advanced Dyeing Techniques: Using the latest technology, we achieve deep, rich colors that are consistent and resistant to fading.
  • Printing Fabrics: Ask about printing on a various sections of velvets, polyesters, natural and blackouts.

Why Choose Equus Fabrics?

Choosing Equus Fabrics means opting for quality, customization, and customer-oriented service. We source our materials from the best producers, ensuring that every fabric we sell meets high standards of durability and aesthetic appeal.

With our wide range of materials, customization options, and dedicated workroom, your interior design possibilities are endless. Visit us today to start creating a more beautiful and personalized environment.

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