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Where To Buy Designer Fabrics In Canada?

One thing Equus Fabrics is known for is keeping up with the current fabric trends.

I know its hard trying to keep up with the new treads because every year colors and fabrics change like the weather.

Colors that might have been popular a year ago seems outdated and boring.

But the good news is we are one step ahead of the rest and are constantly working with our design team to create the best designs. Our main goal is to keep up with what is vibrant in the market to take that worry off of your hands!

What are the upcoming fabric trends for 2024?

While most high fashion fabrics are often made of 100% silk, pure cotton and merino wool, cotton and linen seems to be what will be popular in 2024.

When we say going green is popular we are not necessarily talking about a color, but fabrics that are 100% natural and environmental friendly.

As the demand increases for natural fabrics such as silks, linens and cottons, there are often polyesters that provide the same look for quarter of the cost.

Designer Fabrics top colors for 2024?

#1. Blue Nova

Did you know that Benjamin Moore selected Blue Nova as the color of the year? Blue is a happy color that brings out so many emotions, from a sense of nature to one of space and adventure.

The color blue is favored by so many people, known for its calm, non-threatening color that is known to attract a conservative, yet traditional theme.

Blue Nova however gives off an exciting, yet peaceful aura, that gives you that secure vibe that will be in for 2024.

#2. Muted Orange

Look out for another trending color that is called “muted orange” as it invites you into its warm atmosphere that makes you happy and calm.

This color is all about making you feel comfortable in your surrounding and to feel cozy at the same time. But what is really making this color hot on the market might contain a deeper psychological effect it has on people — associated with positive feelings like enthusiasm, creativity, and energy.

Muted orange can be reminiscent of earthy tones found in nature, such as terracotta, clay, and autumn leaves. This is a color that will stay around for a while so come on over and check out some of our curtains and upholstery with this uplifting color.

#3. Pewter Gray

The dictionary defines pewter as “a gray alloy of tin with copper and antimony. So why this color? Well turns out that some colors just never go out of style.

Pewter gray is a classic and timeless color that is associated with sophistication and understated elegance. It can add a touch of refinement to interior spaces, clothing, and other design elements.

Most people love this color for drapes, wallpaper, upholstery for its professional aura that can really compliment anything in the room.

This is a color that creates a calming and balanced atmosphere or be used to highlight other colors.

#4. Deep Green

Since everything is going green why not make the right color to compliment it. We all know that a deep green reminds us of health, growth and positively. Similarity to seeing green grass in the summer or the lushness of the tropics that gives off that warm feeling.

A hidden color that is now making its way into the designer market seems to be the color of choice for many reasons.

Deep green is a positive color that has psychological effects kicking off a sense of harmony and balance, which can be beneficial in interior spaces. Some might even say it makes you happier without even knowing it.

This is a color that is not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, deep green is know finding its way into major designers stores and design firms.


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