Drapery Lining

What Is Drapery Lining?

Drapery lining is as important as the drapes themselves when it comes to treating your window treatments. Depending the type you chose it may enhance the appearance, functionality, and longevity of curtains or drapes.

But here is where it gets confusing. Did you know there is over 10 types of drapery lining you can choose from?

A lot of people get a little confused when it comes to picking the right lining for their drapery in their homes — some prefer a complete blackout, while others might want a smooth more breathable option. Check out some of the most common types of lining that are found hidden behind the drapes!

#1. Blackout Lining

If you are a sensitive sleeper like me, than blackout lining might be the right choice for you. The main reason why people choose blackout drapes is to have precise control over the amount of light entering a room.

Basically, depending the type of blackout you chose it can cover up to 95% of light entering your room — known to be in bedrooms, nurseries, or home theaters where complete darkness is desired.

The benefits of blackout lining would be to improve your sleep while keeping the room at a desired temperature. Nowadays blackout fabric is printed on making it a duel purpose of both a stylish drape that is lined.

#2. Privacy Lining or Blackout?

While privacy lining is known to provide privacy for the consumer, blackout lining however, is designed to block out nearly all external light sources from entering your room.

Why people tend to choose privacy lining inside their dining or living room because it provides a level of privacy where it is comfortable, yet still allowing some natural light to filter through. It offers a moderate level of light control and privacy.

If you are looking for privacy lining Equus Fabrics has the largest selection in Canada by offering great quality by the yard/meter.

#3. Thermal Lining

If you are looking for a way to regulate the temperature in a room than thermal lining your fabric is the right choice. What makes this lining special is the fact it acts as an insulating layer, reducing heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.

It contains an extra layer of material included during the manufacturing process. What really stands out is its durable quality, that is easily compromised from a polyester and cotton mix. So if you are looking for a great insulation fabric that will keep you cozy on a cool night and to save on energy, than thermal lining is right for you!

#4. Cotton Lining

Cotton lining is a type of lining material made from cotton fabric that is used on curtains, drapes, and other window treatments.

What makes cotton lining the number one choice for most window treatment is how well it drapes, its natural and its breathability.

Also it does provide some light filtration and protection for the main fabric while allowing air to circulate. Once backed on the fabric the cotton lining does give a level of privacy, but not as good as a blackout lining.

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