Looking for great deals on designer fabrics?  You’re in luck, as Equus Fabrics has opened up its Mezzanine (Level 2) to all customers with no appointment necessary.

Come on in and browse our warehouse isles where you will find a wide variety of designer fabrics that range from silks, velvets and polyester blends at great pricing.

Our team is willing to help you pick out great quality items at low costs for whatever home projects you are looking to complete.  With up to 80% off on selected items you can’t go wrong.

Feel free to cut samples off our bolts to show your customers.  You can even bring your customers in to show them our collection.

Discounted fabrics are great for any customers looking to do a job that is inexpensive.  Customers looking to decorate show homes are also big fans of the mezzanine level as it helps cut costs.

Come visit us today to see our line.

Close Out Fabrics Available

  • Wide Width Sheers
  • Novelty Sheers Wide
  • Faux Silks Fabrics
  • Velvet Fabrics
  • Silk Fabrics
  • Window Hardware
  • Trim and Tassels
  • Polyester Fabrics