Environmentally-friendly Fabric Suppliers in Canada (Green)

Many designers and retailers today have seen a trend towards selecting fabrics that are environmentally sound or green focused.  Many homes and customers seem to like fabrics that have a natural look and feel to them as well.

Many people don’t know that some fabrics used around the world have awful effects to our environment.  The dumping of dyes and acids from colouring fabrics are put directly into our oceans.

With this in mind its always a great idea to know where your fabrics are coming from and what effect they  have on the environment.

Equus Fabrics prides itself on using environmentally friendly suppliers as well as carrying natural green fabrics.

Designers looking for natural fabrics can select from our line of Equus line of linens that have a wide variety of patterns and colours.

Check out our Tuscany and Casual Living Collections for our natural fabrics.  If you have any questions in regards to green fabrics and green fabric suppliers, please contact us today.