Fire-Resistant or Fire-Rated Fabrics

Many of our customers will forget to ask a very important safety question when supplying fabrics to a home or commercial project.

Should the fabric meet special Fire Resistance codes?

Flame resistance (F/R) is a very pressing issue, especially when it comes to drapery fabrics.  This becomes even more prominent when fabrics are being supplied for commercial use such as restaurants, schools and offices.

Both Canada and the US require drapery fabrics to meet a very specific standard known as the NFPA 701 test that provides the drapery’s flammability caused by small-scale ignition sources.

The great news about most fabrics supplied today is that they are mostly FR rated. Most books that you use should have the fire symbol present to let the purchaser know that the fabrics are safe for use.

Designers should also take the extra step and ask their suppliers for the testing sheets so that they can provide it to their customers.