Equus Fabrics now carries a complete line of textile fabrics for multi purpose use.  Our Upholstery line ranges from 15, 000 to over 100, 000 double rub count.  We carry a large amount of lines that run from plains to fire retardant patterned prints.

Upholstery fabrics are very important part of home design. Most of the time clients are looking for very lush upholstery goods that give the home a very warm feeling.

The abrasion rub count is important to understand as you clients may or may not be using their items very often.  Below we have outlined an acceptable usage for upholstery fabrics.

15, 000 to 30,000 – Light Upholstery Usage

30,000 to 75,000 – Medium to High Upholstery Usage

75, 000 Plus – Heavy Usage.