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Equus Fabrics is proud to carry the successful “Connections Drapery Hardware” line that has changed the way Canada covers windows. Our line consists of both a 1 3/8″ metal, and a 2” wood with stocked with the latest colors all to suit your window covering needs.

Our purpose is to give our designers a very high-end look without the high price tag that comes with it. Our team strives to bring new and exciting looks to homes and condos across Canada.

Drapery Hardware Innovation:

Connections strives on not only being original but to provide you with a look that will keep your customers smiling.

Our drapery hardware line has made great improvements since it inception in 2009 and there’s more to come.

Our Accessories consist of joiners, wall/ceiling brackets, rings, holdbacks and end caps.  If either you are in the look for modern or traditional style curtain rods no need to look further we have it all.

We also carry the new “Silent” ring available in all colours in metal.  The ring is 2″ (5.2cm) that gives the client a smooth and clean effect every time they open their drapes.  The new silent ring has a very stylish look unlike the others and makes the job look complete.

We have added 3 new colours to our metal line and 1 new colour to extend the wood line. Our metal collection consists of Black, Chocolate, Pewter, Silver, Old Gold*, Merlot*, Platinum*.  As for the wood we carry colors Angora*, Russet, Gold Shadow, Tawny. We pride ourselves with service, quality and delivery. We also offer cutting the rods for you exactly to the size you need.

Drapery Hardware Canada:

Equus Fabrics prides itself in distributing its Drapery Hardware across Canada. Our items have been used in many commercial and residential uses from coast. For more information on our Drapery Hardware line you can contact us at info@equusfabrics.com.