Tuscany Alt Pink


Pattern/Patron: Tuscany

Color: Alt Pink

Width/Largeur: 54″ (137cm)

Contents/Contenu: 100% Linen

Origin/ Provenance: USA

Presenting our exquisite Pink Linen collection, a testament to elegance and charm. Crafted from premium flax fibers, this linen radiates sophistication with its delicate hue and luxurious texture.

Expertly woven or knitted, our Pink Linen boasts exceptional durability while retaining a soft, inviting feel. Over time, it gracefully matures, enhancing its allure with a subtle patina that adds character to any project.

Whether you’re drawn to the romantic appeal of blush tones or the vibrant energy of bold pinks, our collection offers a diverse range of shades and weights to fulfill your creative vision. Experience the beauty and versatility of Pink Linen, a timeless choice for those who appreciate refined craftsmanship and enduring style.


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