Tuscany Oyster


Pattern/Patron: Tuscany

Color: Oyster

Width/Largeur: 54″ (137cm)

Contents/Contenu: 100% Linen

Origin/ Provenance: USA

Introducing our cherished Tuscany Linen collection, featuring 100% pure linen fabric from Equus Fabrics. Renowned for its natural breathability and remarkable versatility, this fabric holds numerous virtues.

Derived from flax fibers, linen undergoes expert weaving or knitting to produce a durable textile that gracefully matures, acquiring a delightful softness and patina over time.

Whether your preference leans towards the rustic allure of washed linens or the enduring sophistication of crisp midweight options, our collection boasts a rich assortment of linen and linen blend fabrics, catering to diverse tastes.”


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