Sunout Curtians

What is Sunout Fabric?

What is known as “Sunout” lining is a type of specialized lining used in curtains or draperies to block out sunlight and prevent it from entering a room.

Similar to blackout lining, sunout lining is designed to provide privacy, control light levels, and enhance energy efficiency by insulating windows.

However, sunout lining typically allows some filtered light to pass through, providing a softer, diffused glow compared to the complete darkness achieved with blackout lining.

Purpose of Sunout Lining?

Blackout and sunout linings main purposes is to control light levels and enhancing privacy within a room.

Blackout lining is specifically engineered to completely block out external light sources, making it ideal for spaces like bedrooms or home theaters.

Its main purpose is to create a sanctuary-like environment, promoting relaxation and restfulness by eliminating all external light interference.

While some light might pernitrate through more with sunout, there are some blackouts that is 100% void of any light entering a room.

Sunout vs Blackout Drapery

Blackout and sunout linings serve different purposes regarding light control and privacy.

Think of blackout lining completely blocks external light, where as sunout lining allows filtered light, creating a softer glow suitable for living rooms or dining areas. While it offers privacy, it doesn’t achieve the same level as blackout lining.

In terms of ambiance, blackout lining creates a cozy environment by eliminating all external light sources, while sunout lining offers a brighter and more open feel with natural light filtering in.

Both linings are great for energy efficiency, but blackout lining provides a better insulation and sunout lining reducing the need for excessive cooling.

Where to find sunout drapery?

Equus Fabrics stands out as the undisputed leader in distributing sunout linings across Canada.

Looking for a yard or by the bolt, we make sure that each yard is carefully inspected by our trained staff.

If you are looking for lining by the roll or just a couple of yards we have you covered (no pun intended).

Sunout Wholesale Canada

Equus Fabrics’ leadership in the sunout market is evident through its unmatched selection of high-quality linings that strike the perfect balance between light control and privacy.

Ranging from residential to commercial jobs, Equus Fabrics’ sunout linings cater to a wide array of environments, providing optimal solutions for various lighting requirements.

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